Adult Orthodontics

Many people have decided that being healthy and looking as good as possible is important to them. Pleasantly aligned teeth that fit comfortably and that are supported by healthy gum tissue are a major contribution to a positive self image. Orthodontists know how to successfully treat patients of all ages. We enjoy the added dimension of adult patients in our practice. The approach to adult orthodontic treatment is similar to adolescent treatment, but there are some important differences.

Adult faces have reached their final size and shape. Growth patterns in children can be altered with devices such as headgears. These devices are not very effective for adults, but there are workable treatment options.

Adults are susceptible to gum disease but risks are reduced with careful cleaning and a balanced diet.

Adults may have worn or heavily filled teeth or even some missing teeth, which can affect how well the bite will fit. New restorations may be needed after orthodontic treatment.

Adult teeth have a greater tendency to return toward their former position therefore the post-treatment retention period is longer.

There may be prior problems that require treatment participation with other specialists such as periodontists and oral surgeons. Orthodontic treatment is a mayor investment in time effort and money. It is an intelligent investment which will pay a lifelong dividend.