Philosophy of Care

Everything we do centers around making both your teeth and face look better because of our treatment. Traditional orthodontics often required the removal of up to eight teeth to allow for the necessary space to remedy a crowded mouth. Using our new technologies, the extraction of teeth occurs far less than it used to. As a result our patients enjoy a beautiful final result along with the facial support that comes with maintaining all of your teeth for your lifetime. We do still extract teeth when it is apparent that either the face of the patient, or their overall dental condition, will benefit from such care. However, this decision is made only after exhaustively reviewing the patient diagnostic records as well as all non-extraction treatment choices. We want our patients to be happy with their final result now…as well as many years into the future.

We are also committed to providing the care to our patients in as efficient a manner as possible. This means that we try to do as much work as we comfortably can at each visit as well as scheduling as much time as is practical between visits. Our goal is to finish your care as well as possible with as little disruption of your daily life style as possible. The incorporation of the new wire and bracket technology assists us in achieving this goal.


1st & 2nd Phase Treatment

Mission Statement