Orthodontic force systems must be adjusted and monitored every few weeks for treatment to proceed as planned. Many of the office visits will inevitably conflict with work or school.

We will schedule longer appointments during morning. Because the schedule is carefully crafted, arriving late or missing your appointment can pose a problem. In fairness to the other scheduled appointments we will not jam a late arrival into the schedule. We will probably have to reschedule the appointment unless there is an opening in the schedule we had not expected. All failed or late appointments should be rescheduled as soon as possible. Since the after school appointments are scheduled several weeks in advance, it will be necessary to reschedule the missed appointment during the morning.

Orthodontic appliances are fairly tough, but wires can bend, brackets can come loose, retainers can break. It is important to correct these problems promptly, and it will usually require a special appointment.

If you need an emergency appointment, we will bring you in as soon as possible to correct the problem.