If treatment is indicated, diagnostic records to be evaluated during treatment planning are gathered. These include: facial and dental photographs, CT 3-dimensional x-ray, bite registration, and impressions of the teeth for study models. Dr. Suri evaluates each case and structures a treatment plan to achieve maximum result in minimal time.


Register Two Scans for Superimposition Visualization on Orthognathic Cases


Capture Orthodontic Records in a Single Scan


High Definition 3D Diagnostic Images for Ultimate Treatment Efficiency


Capture Information Critical to Treatment and Control Radiation Exposure to the Patient


3D Panoramic Volume


Low Dose Collimated Quick Scan


Low Dose Quick Scan


3D Views to Visualize Nerve Position for Implant Placement



3D Views to Visualize Nerve Position for Implant Placement


Plan Implant, Abutment and Final Restoration in One Software


Restoration-Based Implant Planning


Visualize Implant within the Bone


Views Help Identify Impacted Tooth Position, Relation to Other Teeth and Roots, as well as Pathology Prior to 3rd Molar Extractions


Clearly View the Relationship Between Impacted Tooth Roots and Nerve Prior to Extraction


Reveal Hidden Impactions Not Seen on the Pan


Supernumerary with a Full Crown


Extended Field of View


Identify Root Resorbtion in 3D that is Typically Undetected in 2D


3D Cephalometric Analysis


Digital Modeling


Orthodontic Treatment Simulation


Corrected Angle Views of Temporomandibular Joints


Airway Analysis


Sinus Evaluation