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Dr. Suri’s orthodontic practice is unique because

Level of Service From Experienced Staff
Experienced office staff with many years of orthodontic service among professional staff. They are always learning, innovating, and most importantly, caring deeply about their patients. Dr. Suri’s office telephone is also answered by an experienced staff professional who is immediately available to help schedule an appointment or help you resolve a question you may have about your treatment.

Treatment Timing
Dr. Suri treats children at their individual optimal starting point from a growth and development perspective not from a pre-determined chronological age criteria.

Non-Extraction Technique
Dr. Suri is known for preserving the integrity of each smile through a concerted effort to retain all teeth. He has had great success in producing full smiles and profiles through non-extraction.

Experienced in Difficult Adult Treatment
Dr. Suri has a lot of experience in handling pre-prosthetic and adult treatment, resolving periodontal issues, and integrating surgical solutions to ideal finished smiles. He uses TADs (temperory anchorage devices) and laser technology along with contemperory orthodontic technology to provide solutions to difficult orthodontic cases.

Use of Cutting Edge Equipment and Supplies and imaging/x-ray techniques
Dr. Suri uses the very latest in treatment appliances to offer the most minimally invasive treatment possible to patients. Dr. Suri uses 3-dimensional imaging as compared to common 2-dimensional xrays. This provides more complete information in treatment planning. It helps him to determine TMJ problems, airway, wisdom teeth position, sinuses, precise tooth position to visualize impaction within the alveolar bone, location relative to adjacent teeth and proximity to vital structures, such as the nerve canal, sinus walls, and cortical borders.

Convenient Insurance Processing
Dr. Suri’s office accepts assignment of benefit from most major insurance carriers. Patients are not required to continually fill out reimbursement forms.